Our Mission

Boulder Symphony’s mission is to connect with and profoundly affect the human spirit. We envision a community connected to, informed, and inspired by the arts. We aspire to make symphonic music an experience that uplifts, engages, and unites those who live, work, and play in Boulder.

Behind the scenes view of a Boulder Symphony performance
Our aim is to provide the community with the following:

Powerful new works of symphonic art written by gifted composers

Platforms for local artists of world-class talent and dedication to showcase their skills

A spirit that uplifts and unites the community around the universal inspiration of music

Our History

Founded in 2009 by conductor Devin Patrick Hughes and business leader Anthony Santelli, Boulder Symphony is a community-focused orchestra driven to enhance the music scene in Boulder and beyond. Themed “Intrepid Explorers,” the Symphony’s inaugural season reflected an artistic vision of commitment to consistent innovation and the joy of discovery through audience participation, youth outreach, and creating modern relevance to the long-standing art form that is the classical music genre.


Now, in its 10th anniversary season, Boulder Symphony is actively performing symphonic music’s most monumental repertoire and presenting flash mobs, fully-staged operas, and many world premieres, including Gray Rain, a Global Music Award-winning work by Colorado-born and Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory. Some of the many stepping stones in creating what Boulder Symphony is today include serenading audiences at the Boulder Farmer’s Market, showcasing young soloists who go on to win national competitions, and being featured in the documentary Song of the Untouchable. Also, the developments of a high school apprenticeship program, in-school coaching program, and the new GLOW project (dementia- and sensory-friendly concerts) go hand in hand with the Boulder Symphony’s goal of providing a meaningful platform for musicians from all walks of life to access high-level, heart-filling music.

Connectivity and vibrancy within the community are the driving forces behind Boulder Symphony, and we invite you to join us in this exciting artistic adventure!

Support the Symphony

Connecting with our vibrant community is what drives Boulder Symphony, and we simply couldn’t sustain this artistic adventure without the help of many dedicated people like you! Show your appreciation for Boulder Symphony by pledging a gift! You can schedule your gift to support our concerts, education programs, and outreach programs!

Volunteer with Boulder Symphony!

Share your enjoyment of music and join our team of passionate staff and volunteers! There are many ways to support Boulder Symphony’s growing community. Ushers are Boulder Symphony ambassadors and an integral part of our success. Our audience relations volunteers are responsible for providing outstanding customer service to all our patrons and inspiring the greater Boulder community.


We have a number of roles to be filled on concert evenings as well as for our annual fundraiser, education programs, and more. We also accept volunteers for periodic digital support and administrative opportunities.

Not only is volunteering beneficial to Boulder Symphony, it’s also beneficial to volunteers!

Volunteer benefits include:

  • Complimentary Tickets
  • Invitations to Volunteer Appreciation Events
  • Special Discounts and Promotional Offers

Become a Sponsor!

Sponsorships can have a significant impact on organizations like the Boulder Symphony & Music Academy. They provide necessary financial support, which allows these organizations to maintain, expand, and enhance their music programs, reach new audiences, and offer educational opportunities to budding musicians. The funds received from sponsorships can be used for various purposes, from covering operational costs to purchasing new instruments, commissioning new works, and providing scholarships for students in the Music Academy. Sponsorships also often provide a level of prestige and recognition, helping to attract more patrons and supporters. Additionally, sponsors can offer their own networks and platforms for promotion, which can significantly increase the visibility and reach of the Boulder Symphony & Music Academy, fostering a broader appreciation for music within the community.

Support the Endowment!

Supporting the Boulder Symphony & Music Academy Endowment is an investment in the cultural richness and future of our community. This endowment is a perpetual source of funding that ensures the long-term sustainability of our music programs, allowing us to plan for the future with confidence and vision. Our goal is to grow this endowment to $2 million over the next five years. Achieving this goal will allow us to expand our educational initiatives, broaden our outreach efforts, and bring high-quality performances to audiences of all ages. It will also provide a stable financial foundation enabling us to weather economic uncertainties and continue to fulfill our mission. Your contributions to this endowment are not just donations but lasting legacies that will resonate through the sounds of music in our community for generations to come.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

photo of woman playing clarinet with symphony in the background

At Boulder Symphony & Music Academy, we strive to be diverse, equitable, and inclusive in all aspects of our organization. We believe the most important responsibility as docents of the arts is to bring new voices into the music community.

Boulder Symphony prioritizes giving a voice to underrepresented composers and artists, including performing works by living, BIPOC, and female composers. We explore ways to reflect inclusivity, plurality, and curiosity in all parts of our organization, including programming, and we believe our art form is enriched by supporting and embracing different cultures and contemporary influences.

Boulder Symphony Music Academy likewise prioritizes DEI by providing bilingual instruction when possible and supporting under-resourced students with scholarships to take private music lessons. The Music Academy’s mission is to bring economic diversity to music education through outreach and student programs that target underserved areas and schools in Boulder County.

Our goals are to give a voice to the voiceless and bring equity to those who have been denied it in the music community. We take the responsibility of sharing music and expanding the audience that traditionally attends classical music events very seriously. BS&MA will continue to be inclusive, educate the community about diversity in music, and eliminate barriers to accessibility to classical music.

Overall, we at BS&MA prioritize diversifying our staff, orchestra, instructors, board, guest artists, and patrons to the extent possible. These objectives are not a quest with an end goal but rather a foundational commitment and the heart of our organization.

Land Acknowledgement

BS&MA honors and pays tribute to the significant role of Indigenous peoples in our state. We recognize that our location is on the historical lands and ancestral grounds of the Cheyenne, Arapaho, Ute, and various other Native American nations. The forced displacement from these lands has resulted in profound and enduring consequences. While it is impossible for anyone to reverse or amend the harm inflicted on Indigenous communities, we pledge to actively improve and deepen our involvement with Indigenous matters and communities.