9News Features Boulder Symphony on Colorado & Company

Conductor Devin Patrick Hughes and musicians from the Boulder Symphony perform Conni Ellisor’s Tres Danzas de Vida on 9News’s Colorado & Company. Hughes discusses the upcoming Fidget Concert for a neurodiverse audience including those with developmental and intellectual disabilities, along with the upcoming West Side Story performance, Boulder Symphony Music Academy, and the upcoming July 4 Spectacular. Read More

Conductor Devin Patrick Hughes on the Bouderista

So what are some of the programs that you have, the virtual programs?

Initially one of our partners was Balfour Assisted Living Facilities and they have homes in Colorado and Michigan. The senior residential facilities were one of the hardest hit at the beginning of the pandemic. Mainly because the elderly are such an at risk population but also because they closed down to protect their residences…Read More

Colorado Gives Day keeps arts nonprofits thriving in the face of pandemic setbacks

“One of the coolest things about arts and cultural organizations in the United States is that we’re supported and owned directly by the voters and taxpayers,” conductor Devin Patrick Hughes said. “The people of Colorado have shown time and time again that they want and need the arts in their lives. We are so fortunate to live in a city that values culture and arts and every year Colorado Gives Day proves that.” Read More

Dressing Up The Symphony: Boulder Symphony Presents Remix October 31st with conductor Devin Patrick Hughes

Boulder Symphony will perform Remix, a Curiosity Concert on Sunday, October 31 at 3PM. Families are welcome to dress up in their favorite costume, and experience the Symphony with Mozart, Professor Snooty, and Conductor Devin Patrick Hughes. Kids will experience music from Tchaikovsky and Vivaldi to Metallica, Lil Nas X, and Harry Potter. Adults will learn about how classical music has evolved over the centuries. Instruments featured include percussion, electric guitar, keyboards, and all of the strings including violin, viola, cello, and bass. Read More