Tuesdays: 8/20 – 10/8


5:30 – 6:30 pm






10 students

Class Experience:

Everyone can drum!

Djembe is known as the drum of peace; it was created to bring people together in a spirit of harmony. When you play djembe, you have an immediate curiosity; you can’t help it! The drum calls forth the happy, spontaneous child in each of us to play. We invite you to join, let go of your normal life for a hour, and immerse yourself in the rhythm of life ~ flow.

This is an eight-week group class for adults who have taken Level 1 Djembe or otherwise have some experience. Throughout these eight weeks, you will:

    • Connect with other people in a beautiful and magical way
    • Embody your innate power and strength
    • Become more attuned to the rhythms in nature and other people
    • Connect to your raw nature
    • Light up your spirit and allow joy to run through your body

Drums will be provided to students. The instructor, Tim, will also offer private 60-minute lessons for students wanting deeper study.

This class will conclude with a drum circle on a date TBA at BSMA. All students are welcome to this community event to celebrate music, play together, and feel empowered through their unique drum voice, all while having Tim’s support and facilitation.

Meet the Instructor:

Tim Dabrowski

Boulder Symphony Music Academy

4730 Table Mesa Dr., Suite I-300

Boulder, CO 80305

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