6/24 – 6/28


9:00 am – 12:00 pm


6+ (adults are welcome if child needs supervision or accompaniment)




10 students

Class Experience:

Get ready for drumming fun!

Meet the djembe, the drum of peace, designed to bring us all together in harmony. When you play it, curiosity takes over—like a magical spell! The drum unleashes the happy, playful child in each of us. Join us for a week-long adventure, perfect for ages six and up, to discover the djembe’s secrets.

Throughout the week, we’ll:

  • Connect with new friends in a magical way
  • Embrace your inner power and strength
  • Tune into the rhythms of nature and other awesome people
  • Light up your spirit and let joy dance through your body

What’s in store:

We’ll explore three drumming essentials: technique, timing, and tempo. But guess what? It’s all about playful exploration!

Drums are provided—no worries! And if you’re loving the beats, we have a “Level 2” class coming up for those who want to keep the rhythm alive. Plus, Tim, our awesome instructor, offers private 60-minute lessons for those craving a deeper dive into drumming magic.

Let the drumming adventure begin!

Meet the Instructor:

Tim Dabrowski

Boulder Symphony Music Academy

4730 Table Mesa Dr., Suite I-300

Boulder, CO 80305

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