Tuesdays: 11/7, 11/14, 11/28, 12/5


5:00 – 6:00 pm


6+ (adults are welcome if child needs supervision or accompaniment)


$100 (plus $30 registration fee)


5 students

Class Experience:

Everyone can drum!

Djembe is known as the drum of peace; it was created to bring people together in a spirit of harmony. When you play djembe, you have an immediate curiosity; you can’t help it! The drum calls forth the happy, spontaneous child in each of us to play. We invite you to join, let go of your normal life for a hour, and immerse yourself in the rhythm of life ~ flow.

This is a four-week introductory group class for ages six and up to learn djembe fundamentals. Throughout these four weeks, you will:

    • Connect with other people in a beautiful and magical way
    • Embody your innate power and strength
    • Become more attuned to the rhythms in nature and other people
    • Connect to your raw nature
    • Light up your spirit and allow joy to run through your body

What to expect:

When it comes to drumming, there are three fundamental building blocks:

    1. Technique
    2. Timing
    3. Tempo

We will refine our personal and group understanding of these concepts through playfully exploring a variety of rhythms.

Drums will be provided to students. Depending on enrollment, a “Level 2” class series will be available afterwards for students who want to continue. The instructor, Tim, will also offer private 60-minute lessons for students wanting deeper study.

Meet the Instructor:

Tim Dabrowski

Boulder Symphony Music Academy

4730 Table Mesa Dr., Suite I-300

Boulder, CO 80305

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