BOULDER, Colo. July 25, 2023 – Boulder Symphony & Music Academy is excited to announce the establishment of a generous $250,000 endowment set up by an anonymous donor. The endowment is aimed at advancing BS&MA’s mission and fostering the organization’s long-term sustainability.

The anonymous donor’s extraordinary contribution reflects a deep commitment to the arts and recognizes the invaluable role of BS&MA in enriching the cultural landscape of the community. This endowment will serve as a substantial resource to support the organization’s ongoing efforts in providing exceptional musical education and performances for all.

The objective of this endowment is to raise contributions to $2 million, ensuring that BS&MA can continue its mission of fostering musical excellence and education without financial constraints. With this significant funding, the organization aims to achieve the following:

  1. Enhance Educational Programs at Boulder Symphony Music Academy: The endowment will empower BS&MA to bolster its educational initiatives, including scholarships, workshops, and music outreach programs. By providing increased access to musical education, the academy aims to nurture and inspire the next generation of talented musicians.
  2. Expand Artistic Endeavors: BS&MA’s commitment to artistic excellence will be fortified, enabling the organization to attract and retain world-class talent among its academy instructors and performers. The endowment will play a pivotal role in staging captivating performances by Boulder Symphony that resonate with diverse audiences.
  3. Sustain Operations: The establishment of this endowment signifies a critical milestone in ensuring the long-term financial stability of BS&MA. The accrued funds will provide ongoing support for core operational expenses, freeing up resources to be directed towards impactful programs and performances.

BS&MA extends its heartfelt gratitude to the anonymous donor for their remarkable act of philanthropy. The donor’s belief in the transformative power of music will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy, benefitting generations to come.

As the organization embarks on this new chapter, BS&MA invites fellow music enthusiasts, community members, and organizations to support this endeavor. By collectively championing the cause of music education and artistic expression, we can ensure a vibrant and culturally enriched future for Boulder and its surrounding communities.

For more information on how to contribute or get involved, please click here.