BOULDER, Colo. Feb. 29, 2024 — Boulder Symphony & Music Academy today announced the departure of Andrew Krimm, who has served with distinction as Executive Director for nearly four years. Under Andrew’s visionary leadership, the organization has experienced unprecedented growth and success, setting a solid foundation for its future.

In 2021, amidst the challenges of the global pandemic, Andrew launched the Boulder Symphony Music Academy, a landmark initiative extending the Symphony’s commitment to education and outreach. The Academy now boasts over 100 families, providing high-quality private music lessons in Boulder and demonstrating Andrew’s dedication to fostering musical talent and appreciation in the community.

A significant achievement under Andrew’s tenure was the establishment of a partnership with the Jared Music Foundation, enabling the Music Academy to award full need-based scholarships to 25% of its students, ensuring access to music education for all.

Despite the difficulties presented by the pandemic, Andrew guided the Symphony through those turbulent times, introducing COVID-safe outdoor concerts and innovative performances at the Boulder Theater, including an outdoor concert featuring the renowned Takács Quartet.

Under Andrew’s leadership, the organization witnessed a remarkable growth trajectory, with ticket sales nearly doubling and organizational revenue tripling. Furthermore, the establishment of an endowment last year marked a significant milestone, ensuring Boulder Symphony & Music Academy’s enduring presence in the Boulder community.

Boulder Symphony’s Conductor and Music Director, Devin Patrick Hughes, shared his thoughts on Andrew’s departure:

“Andrew has taken the Symphony to the next level in so many ways. He has been a friend, a partner, a phenomenal leader, and someone who inspires everyone around him. He will certainly be missed.”

Although Andrew is stepping down, the legacy of leadership and the strong team cultivated—including dedicated administrative staff, talented musicians, inspiring teachers, and a committed board of directors—will continue to propel the Boulder Symphony & Music Academy forward.

The impact of Andrew’s leadership will resonate for years to come. The Boulder Symphony & Music Academy extends its deepest gratitude to him for the passion, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence that have characterized these four transformative years.

If you are interested in filling Andrew’s shoes, visit the link here to apply.