BOULDER, Colo. Feb. 3, 2023 — Last fall, the Jared Music Foundation partnered with Boulder Symphony & Music Academy to provide full scholarships to students in Boulder County for private music lessons. Students awarded a scholarship will be taught how to sing or play a musical instrument by musicians in the Boulder Symphony.

Thanks to a first round of successful fundraising, Jared Music Foundation was able to fund and award 22 full scholarships, valued at $33,000, for under-resourced students in Boulder County to take one year of private music lessons at the Boulder Symphony Music Academy.

Many of the scholarship recipients heard of this opportunity from a faculty member of Boulder Valley School District and from the “I Have A Dream” Foundation staff.

Boulder Symphony & Music Academy’s mission is to demystify classical music and make music lessons more accessible. By partnering with Jared Music Foundation to fund these scholarships, BS&MA can continue to provide music education in Boulder County.

In speaking of this recent success, Renae Dihaya, founder and president of the Jared Music Foundation, says:

“Jared Music Foundation is proud to be a partner of Boulder Symphony & Music Academy to be able to help so many underprivileged students gain exposure to and experience with music. By providing these 22 full scholarships, and hopefully many more, we can continue the drum beat in honor of Jared.”

Jared Music Foundation was formed after the founders’ son, Jared, tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident six years ago. Jared was a drummer and avid musician.

This partnership is excited to offer even more full scholarships to students wanting to learn a musical instrument or voice; there are still many students in Boulder County who do not have the means to access these lessons without financial support. Currently, there is a wait-list of 18 students. With more donations, Jared Music Foundation will be able to fund more scholarships to the Music Academy.

Donors are encouraged to visit the Jared Music Foundation website here so more full scholarships can be awarded to these 18 wait-listed students (and hopefully more)! Donors can also sponsor students individually at $1,500.