Antonio Valenzuela-Amaya

Antonio Valenzuela-Amaya is a multi-instrumentalist who plays Ukulele, Guitar, Bass, Piano, and Percussion. He has been a music enthusiast since he started singing to the music his parents would play on the car stereo during his childhood. He began playing instruments as a freshman in high school and noticed that there was something special about creating musical sounds. He would bring comfort to his family during stressful times with the open strings on his father’s acoustic guitar. This impacted the way Antonio thought of music and thus began his experimentation with songwriting and digital recording software.

Antonio attended college at Full Sail University after being enlisted in the U.S. Marines. There he received his bachelor’s degree in Audio Production. While understanding music creation on the technical side was a step towards his goals of becoming a music producer. After 2 years of working as an audio engineer, he continued his education by attending California College of Music where he received his certificate in Songwriting and Music Production.

His music teacher Chris Kapica taught Antonio multiple different disciplines in music theory, ear training, and popular music studies. Chris inspired Antonio to become a musician that could be valuable in any performance or music production circumstance.

Since completing his education and moving to Colorado. Antonio has been teaching musicians the ways of his practice through after school programs and private lessons. He strives for his students to achieve their musical goals and for them to become lifelong music creators/enthusiast.