Christopher is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter from the east coast with a passion for performing and teaching music.

Originally a classically trained violist, at 14 he changed his focus and picked up the electric guitar.

Christopher has been blessed to front his own band, learn and perform incredible music with some of his best friends, and live a life that has been full of wonder and new connections and friendships.

After picking up the bass, and subsequently the drum kit and keyboard, Christopher set up his home studio and dove into the world of music engineering and production.

This desire to learn and expand his knowledge has filled Christopher’s professional career with joy and experiences he cherishes.

Beginning in 2016, with an opportunity to share his passion with other inspired people, Christopher began teaching music to students both one-on-one, and in band-group settings at Lakehouse Music Studios in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

His teaching style is fun and patient, and focuses not just on technique and theory, but the innate connection we have with music; why do we feel emotionally touched by certain notes or moments in a song? His goal is to help students of all interests connect their inner passion, experiences, and hearts with their instrument to bring the experience of playing music to a whole new level.

He has toured the country and recorded albums playing with some of his favorite independent bands as a drummer, bassist, and guitarist, such as progressive metal group Beatrix Potter, indie folk band The Accidental Seabirds, and hard rock group Baron Praxis.

With over fourteen years of experience performing in diverse genres—from folk to jazz, rock, metal, and bluegrass—he is always looking for something new to learn and to share with his students.