Dey Lars

Deissy Lara “Dey Lars” is a lifelong musician and teacher. Originally from Colombia, her areas of expertise are music education, piano instruction, and piano performance. She received her Master’s Degree in Music Therapy from National University in Colombia in 2022.

Dey Lars has over 16 years of experience teaching private and group classes in piano, ukulele, guitar, and voice, in addition to being a music teacher for preschool, elementary, and high school students. Her teaching experience spans the globe from teaching choral and ukulele group classes in Kenya to teaching children and adults in Colombia.

As a Music Therapist, she has worked with individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases, children and adults on the Autism spectrum, down syndrome, and cerebral palsy.

She recently won the “Share What We Are” contest, sponsored by Colombia’s Ministry of Culture, for a project she created while working with migrants within Colombia.

As a musician and teacher fluent in both Spanish and English, she enjoys creatively interweaving both languages through the lessons that she offers.