Guy is a self-taught multi-instrumental musician, performer, and composer who treats musicianship primarily as a form of creative expression and experimentation. His primary instrument is the piano, with many years of experience with percussion instruments, and two years of learning rudimentary acoustic guitar, electric bass guitar, and vocals. Before moving to Colorado, he performed as the keys player for the band Strawberry Season, a bedroom pop group rising in popularity in their city’s active local music scene. His passion for music is motivated primarily by the desire to capture facets of the world around us and within us by thinking of an instrument as a second voice that can be spoken through on the fly as easily as we can speak without thinking.

Guy’s approach to piano pedagogy is based primarily on linking the all-too-ineffable sense of harmonic/melodic intuition with concrete visual/tactile sensations on the keyboard. He seeks to instill a seed of the unification of the primary elements of music—pitch, timing, and emotion—through as holistic and complete of an experience as possible. This is done via the encouragement of singing while playing, encouraging organic movement of the body, and listening to/internalizing as many musical ideas as the student is eager for. In a nutshell, Guy desires to see a student’s understanding of the pieces they play on equal footing with the technique required to play them.

In addition to these emotional/abstract aspects of music, Guy is also well versed in music theory and treats the academic/technical aspects of the tradition with equal weight. The desire to express yourself through the second voice of music is nothing without building a foundation of vocabulary, syntax, listening skills, and context.

Guy’s repertoire of styles includes the foundational Baroque, Classical, and Romantic traditions, the Electronic, Rock, and Pop styles of the present, the mid-century Swing, Bebop, and Modal styles of the recent past, and, most prominently, the Impressionist/Atmospheric methods of scoring for visual media such as film or video games.