John Clay Allen is a Colorado-based composer, pianist, and computer musician originally from Ruidoso, New Mexico. His work swings wildly between noisy, ambient soundscapes and lush neoromantic symphonic works as he moves from one sonic obsession to the next. Though perpetually stimulated and motivated by digital tools and possibilities, Clay’s work is most inspired by the natural world and rooted in human connection and experience.

He is commissioned regularly by orchestras and chamber groups around the country, and his music has been performed around the United States and internationally in Europe and South America. His first two albums, Asnières and Turn take as their starting point the piano and saxophone, respectively, and use electronics to systematically expand their acoustic limitations. Clay’s third commercial album, featuring solo piano, will be released in late 2023.

Clay received his doctorate in music composition from the University of Colorado Boulder and holds additional degrees in composition and piano from the University of North Texas and West Texas A&M University.

Clay currently resides in Denver, Colorado with his partner Mara and two dogs Halo and Winston.