Josh McNulty

Josh McNulty is a pianist, drummer, composer, and writer. He began playing drums at 9 and then started to play piano and guitar at 14. Learning to play piano and guitar inspired him to explore composition/improvisation. His work emphasizes texture, continuity, and flow.To achieve this he combines layers of piano/guitar driven melodies. After studying Ethnomusicology and piano at the University of Colorado he has been actively composing, jamming, and teaching.

As a teacher he strives to create a balance between rudimentary skills such as playing technique, sight reading, music theory, with improvisation and expression. Lessons are based around students’ musical interests and goals to help encourage enthusiasm for playing. Music fundamentals such as reading, music theory, are taught through learning songs from composers and artists that a student is already passionate about. For students that are interested, he’s enthusiastic about exploring improvisation, composition, and songwriting. He strives to create a learning environment that is fun and meaningful.