I am here to share my love and knowledge of djembe with you. Because it sets my soul free like a bird soaring through clouds and connects me with people in a joyous way, I love drumming. Like most people who play and listen to djembe music, I smile and laugh when I play; it’s so uplifting.

Without lengthy explanation, the drum will guide you to the peace you seek. There is no rhythm without presence, when that presence becomes evident, energy follows.

However, nothing worth doing is easy, so expect to work your body and mind in the pursuit. Then watch with wonder as your skills progress, your perceptions sharpen, and your body strengthens.

This practice will improve your memory, coordination, and overall brain function. On a musical level, your sense of timing, tempo, and swing will be greatly improved. Beyond technical training, you will also be taught how to improvise based on your own intuition.

To play this type of music takes a communal effort. The more we drum together, the more we see how the interconnection of each of our individual rhythms create one larger singular rhythm. The skills derived from communal drumming when applied to other community efforts greatly improve their efficiency and lend a light touch to one’s efforts.

When I’m not immersed in some aspect of The Drum, I read, meditate, do yoga, enjoy nature, socialize with friends, cook, dance, write poetry, practice martial arts, dote on my cat, take long walks in deep forests, and backstroke in vast oceans. In short, I live and love every moment of my life to the fullest.

In playing drums for twenty-five years, I have worked with many master-level drummers. However, my principal teacher is Malian master drummer Abdoul Doumbia, with whom I had the privilege to apprentice for ten years. Every time I return to Boulder, Colorado, I resume my tutelage (and friendship) with him. Abdoul is a Grand Master with staggering knowledge and technique.

Quick “about me”:

  • Twenty-five years drumming experience
  • Primary West African teachers: Malian Master Drummer Abdoul Doumbia and Guinean Master Drummer Fara Tolno
  • A decade (ten years) of teaching experience