“Both my girls love taking piano lessons at the Academy and the staff is excellent!”

Cheree K.Past parent

“After a 70 year lag, I decided to take trumpet lessons at the Boulder Symphony Music Academy. After just 6 lessons with Michael, a Symphony Trumpet player, I am beginning to play the theme of The Godfather movie. I’m having a ball and look forward to surprising my family , and my 13 grandkids. A great way to kick the old man out.”

Tony S.Current adult student

“I simply love taking lessons and just learning and being in the upbeat environment at the Boulder Symphony Music Academy. Everything and everyone is very inviting and professional. My instructor is an incredibly encouraging and gifted teacher and musician. If taking music lessons is something you have wanted to do, don’t hesitate for one second or note! (p.s. Great parking, easy to access, great neighborhood. Easy!)”

Kim J.Current adult student

“The Boulder Symphony Music Academy is an outstanding place to take music lessons in Boulder. The staff is super friendly, the teachers all have very impressive musical backgrounds and the rates are excellent considering the very high caliber of teaching! Highly recommend!!!”

Julie T.

“Bridget has been incredibly welcoming and accommodating for a slew of unexpected schedule changes. Outstanding service from the beginning!”

Jared O.

“The whole family loves seeing Bridget each week. I appreciate that Bridget remembers my preferred communication mode when she reaches out if a last minute lesson change comes up.”

Katy K.Parent

“Just amazing! Ms. Bridget has made our journey smooth from the beginning. When we attend our regular lessons, Ms. Bridget has a smile every time and cares about all aspects of our needs to be in the academy. We attended a concert in late 2022 and Ms Bridget was there too, making us feel welcomed. So, since we are from a first generation/immigrants music wise, as a parent it is very well taken that staff are patient, kind and understanding. We are very thankful!”

Mari C.Parent

“Wendy is outstanding to work with and Ryder loves going to lessons. Lessons are fun and engaging.”

Jared O.

“Emerson is always excited to go. She transitioned to responsibility for her own practice well and always knows how to practice and what to work on.”

Lieschen G.

“Ryan meets Renée at her interest level, and he willingly follows her interest tangents when they arise. As parents, we appreciate that Ryan is working with us to help our child learn how to practice and see the reward of learning a new skill.”

Katy K.Parent